Zello ma T2ello

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Do you have stupid friends? Do they have stupid stories and behave like idiots?
Do you love making fun of them and shaming them? Then Zello ma T2ello is for you It’s a card game filled with Lebanese stereotypes and bad behaviors. 400 prompt cards to decide who in the group is most likely to… This game can get real. Prepare to call out your friends.



How To Play:

1. Get ready:
Gather your friends and place the deck of cards face down on a table

2. Pick the cards:
Every round, one player picks a card and reads it out loud, he becomes the judge

3. Shame!:
Everyone in the group says who deserves the card and why. The judge makes the final decision.

4. Next!: Have a laugh! A new round starts with a different judge and the player that reaches 7 cards first loses!

Box includes:
400 Zello Ma T2ello Cards
Instruction Manual

Age: 18+

Available at:

1 review for Zello ma T2ello

  1. Marc

    This game is amazing!! We love it so much. It’s funny and witty and perfect for rainy days or with some drinks!!! Best one of the Lebanese games so far

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