Who is behind MenLebnen.com?

I’m Joseph El Khoury, software engineer and managing partner of The Koozpace.

I always try to find solutions and work on projects to help my beloved Lebanon.
It’s our job as citizens to keep fighting for a better country despite everything.

The idea

The idea came up right after the Lebanese revolution started in October 2019.
Our country’s economic was struggling and one of the reasons is the big gap between imports and exports.
This was due to the fact that most of us buy imported products while local production was struggling. Lebanese production needs a boost and not enough awareness is done on the subject.
I decided to launch the website and promote all local brands and products for FREE in order to encourage people to buy local products that are sometimes cheaper and have the same quality as imported ones.
NB: Please note that we don’t sell anything on the website. We only promote products.

How can you help?

The platform is up and running but now the hardest part is to add all local products. It’s a tough task specially when your work is done in parallel to your main job.
Every citizen can contribute to this website and all you have to do is one of the things below:
– Spread the word about the website to all your family and friends.
– Suggest missing brands/products (products@menlebnen.com).
– Write reviews about the local products you’ve tried. This will help other consumers decide which products are the best for them and will encourage them to buy local and dump imported products.
– Do you have a story to share about local production? A blog will be ready once I have enough content. Drop me an email and be one of the blog’s authors (blog@menlebnen.com).

Featured in “Daroure Nehke” program

Contact me

Mobile: +961 70 105727
Email: info@menlebnen.com